Complete Claims Processing and Billing Solution

About Complete Health Systems, LC

Complete Health Systems, LC, is a privately held enterprise, located in Wichita, Kansas. Since 1990, CHS has been developing, installing, and supporting health benefit administration application software systems nationwide. The original system was an MS-DOS based package. Today, the "COMPLETE" Health Claims and Premium Billing System runs in the Microsoft Windows environment and uses Microsoft SQL Server as its relational database management system.

Complete Health SystemsOver the years, CHS has continued to innovate and improve the product while not ignoring the existing customer base. The driving factors behind CHS' growth is the measured and innovative response to changes in the business environment. HIPAA and other changing business practices have all brought rapid, innovative responses from CHS. Sometimes the best solution involves integration with other "best of breed" applications. CHS excels at such integration and customization where it makes sense to deliver a COMPLETE solution to the customer. CHS will continue to innovate in the current environment of change and evolution as it continues to offer products of the future - today!!

CHS engineers and project managers can draw on their relationships with various software development centers for specialized resources that come into play when integrating multiple systems. Varied skills are required when implementing an integrated solution. These vary from project management and business analysis to heads-down coding capability. CHS can provide all of these. The skills available at the development centers include all Microsoft products, Java, Oracle, and J2EE based products like JBOSS and Websphere. CHS project managers work with program managers who then decide which software development center to use based on the project skill requirements.

CHS' training and support staff is from similar backgrounds as CHS' customers. This enables quick communication at all organizational levels and assures a smooth transition to the "COMPLETE" solution. These elements, combined with instant Internet support, User Group meetings, customization, and CHS partnering alliances, complete the picture for a successful system installation.

It is CHS' goal and motivation to provide a system that gives maximum benefit and efficiency while enabling each customer to retain their unique competitive edge for a reasonable cost.

Today, CHS' clients include TPAs, Self-funded Employers, HMOs, Associations, State and County Government Agencies, Labor Unions and others in the health care marketplace nationwide.